Updates on Detroit's Restructuring and COP, GO Bond Prices (Sues Bond Insurer Syncora)

According to FINRA/Morningstar, some of Detroit's junk rated General Obligation Bonds last traded at $33.33, $56.88, $61 and $66.66, and its COP debt (Certificates of Participation) last traded at $32. Those were the lowest bond prices I could find in the database. I'm assuming that's the junkiest unsecured debt in the restructuring.

*UPDATE 7/8/2013: It's interesting that the $56 and $61 GOs are insured by Syncora, the $66 GO is insured by AMBAC, and the $32 COP is insured by FGIC. According to Bloomberg News (via Crains Detroit) on June 13, 2013 (emphasis mine),

John Miller, co-head of fixed income at Nuveen in Chicago, said he's comfortable holding uninsured Detroit general obligations, some of which have seen yields rise to a record 16 percent.

The uninsured bonds "are speculation about the ability of the emergency manager to succeed with what he's charged with doing," Miller said by telephone. He cited the state's emergency-manager law, which calls for full repayment of the scheduled debt service on all muni debt. No Michigan locality has had to seek Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.

So why are Detroit's insured GO bonds selling off? (Or what was the point of owning insured bonds in the first place?) There should have been a better way to hedge Detroit GO bonds anyway using exchange traded derivatives, even for retail investors. Here's a chart of the GO bond trading at $61.

4.625 % Fixed Unlimited Tax Detroit G.O. Bond Maturing on 04/01/2022 (FINRA/Morningstar)

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