High Ranking China Official: "The Central Government Must Control Urbanization" (SBS Dateline on China's Empty Cities - Part 2)

Australia's SBS Dateline revisited China to see the progress of its urbanization plan (watch SBS Dateline's Adrian Brown tour through China's empty cities and malls in 2011), and it looks like nothing has changed. There are still ghost cities with empty apartment buildings, and the South China Mall they visited is now "crumbling." Most of China's empty urban developments and western city clones are being used as tourist attractions or for wedding photos. But the Chinese government is in the process of moving millions of people from their homes in the countryside to apartments in high rises, so it will be interesting to see what these cities look like in a few years. But, as noted previously on my blog (1, 2, 34), all of the debt being used to finance mega "mal-investments" in the country could cause a financial crisis if credit growth isn't managed. Like the U.S. in 2008, China's central government and the PBoC could end up bailing out all the toxic debt and the financial system to prevent a deflationary collapse and social unrest.

Here's what a high ranking official in China's government said about some of  "unreasonable urbanization measures" being implemented via the transcript (video below).

It’s a build, build mentality that has some high ranking officials concerned.

LI TIE (Translation):   The central government must control urbanisation, it must stop any fanatical actions by local authorities who blindly and hastily implement unreasonable urbanisation measures.

Li Tie heads the country’s top economic planning agency. For such an influential figure, his language is refreshingly frank.

LI TIE (Translation):   Urban planning in many cities is done at the will of the governor. A governor may be fond of a Western urbanisation model and may want to replicate it to prove that their city can out-perform the West. These urbanisation efforts are superficial.

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