FT on Portugal's Ghost Roads and China's Debt Addiction (Videos From August 26, 2013)

Via Financial Times' Youtube channel:

"Road traffic has fallen more in Portugal than in any other European country in the past 15 months. Peter Wise, Lisbon Correspondent, reports on why empty roads provide a revealing insight into the depth of the country's recession."

"Until five years ago China's economy relied remarkably little on debt. But China lost its debt inhibition in late 2008 when the global financial crisis erupted. With growth slowing sharply and 20 million people losing their jobs overnight, the government unleashed a giant stimulus that was powered almost entirely by bank loans. The debt genie was out of the bottle -- and it has been extremely difficult since then for China to stuff it back in. The FT's Simon Rabinovitch reports from Guiyang."

Reuters and FT are putting up great content on Youtube. I'm going to embed more of their videos.
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