Extremely Volatile Linkfest for 11/24/2013

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Student Loan Market Headed for Crisis, CFPB Warns (American Banker)

In speaking before the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on Monday, Chopra said it would be “irresponsible for financial regulators” to avoid taking action now to shield the $1.2 trillion student loan debt market from a severe bust.

The Scariest Chart For Stock Bulls Ever (Zero Hedge)

What Happened The Last Time The Market Was This Far Ahead Of Strategists' Expectations? (Zero Hedge)

Citi: Two Straight Weeks Of Stock Market Euphoria Raises Deep Concern (Business Insider)

Short-Seller Jim Chanos is Cautious on Stocks, Wary on Europe (Reuters)

Chumps, Champs, and Bamboo (John Hussman)

I am convinced that annual total returns for the S&P 500 will average somewhere between zero and 2.5% nominal (not real) over the coming decade. This suggests that the S&P 500 index itself is likely to be lower a decade from today. Looking out over the completion of this cycle, I strongly expect that the market will easily lose more than...

Is This The Market's Biggest Bear? (Zero Hedge)

Wall Streeters Are Starting To Pass Around This Chart Showing The Market On The Cusp Of A Big Crash (Business Insider)

Fink: Pension Funds Selling Equities by Year End (Bloomberg Video)

Riskier loan slices hit record levels (FT)

Riskier “covenant-lite” loans, which offer fewer protections to lenders, are making up record levels of the debt packages sold to investors amid resurgent lending markets and a thirst for higher returns.

'BBB' Closer to Leading Corporate Bond Market Rating Mix (Fitch Ratings)

Corporate credit markets back to frothy levels (Sober Look)

Real Jobless Rate 11.8% Excluding Labor Force Exodus (Investor's Business Daily)

China hard landing is likely: Andy Xie (MarketWatch)

Credit-Driven China Glut Threatens Surge Into Bank Crisis (Bloomberg)

Bad Loans Could Spark an Emerging-Markets Crisis (BusinessWeek)

Currency War III: How Will It Play Out? (CFA Institute on Jim Rickards' speech)

OECD Warns UK Faces Housing Bubble (Zero Hedge)

ECB Said to Consider Minus 0.1 Percent Deposit Rate (Bloomberg)

Investec sees euro crisis flare-up risk; short French bonds vs Bunds (Reuters)

OECD issues warning on French economy (FT)

OECD warns of Eurozone deflation risks; suggests ECB consider non-conventional measures (Sober Look)

Moody's says no 'clean bill of health' for Spain banks (AFP)

Canadian Economy at risk as demand cools for new homes (Globe & Mail)

Canada’s Leverage-Fuelled Housing Boom (Business in Canada)

Why housing can’t fill the mining void (Macrobusiness.com.au)

Why Australian income growth will halve (Macrobusiness.com.au)

Fed Looks at Treasury Purchases to Keep Rates Low Amid Taper (Bloomberg)

NY Fed: Dealers, Ahead of October FOMC, Saw Spring Taper Likely (WSJ)

5 years of QE and the distributional effects (Sober Look)

US banks warn Fed interest cut could force them to charge depositors (FT)

America's cities on the edge: Behind the scenes on CNBC's 'Critical Condition' cities tour (CNBC, 2)

The trickle-down effect of Baltimore's crumbling infrastructure (CNBC)

Pandemic of pension woes is plaguing the nation (CNBC)

Chi-town's crime and pension problem (CNBC, 2)

This could help the public finance crisis.
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