The Most Important Links for 11/8/2013: U.S. Employment, REO-to-Rental Securitizations, French Downgrade, Greek Deflation, PIMCO's Bet on Bonds via CDX, QE Outlooks, Muni News, and Doom

Marc Faber: We May Be Heading For A Final Crisis That Sets Fire To The Framework Of Our Capitalist Society (Business Insider/Daily Reckoning)

Be Prepared For Stocks To Crash 40%-55% (Business Insider) (11/9)

Fed’s Lockhart Says Fed Can’t Rule Out QE Tapering Next Month (Bloomberg)

Deutsche Bank: "Yellen May Actually Have To Increase QE" - Here's Why (Zero Hedge)

Roubini: Watch These Bubbles About to Pop (Bloomberg Video, 11/7)

Roubini: Fiscal Drag Is Damaging U.S. Growth (Bloomberg Video, 11/7)

U.S. jobs market dodges blow from government shutdown (Reuters)

Ignore Today's -- and Most -- Jobs Reports (Barry Ritholtz/Bloomberg)

Diving Into Today's Rosy Jobs Report ("how the labor market has changed since 1990") (Bloomberg)

Pimco Said to Wager $10 Billion in Default Swaps: Credit Markets (Bloomberg)

US rentals sliced and diced into new asset (Financial Times)

American Homes 4 Rent to Tap New Market for Rental-Backed Bonds (Bloomberg)

One More Systemic Risk to Worry About (Bloomberg) mortgage servicing rights are being used by mortgage REITs to hedge against rising rates

French downgrade clouds eurozone, hits defiant Hollande (AFP)

TABLE-Greek October consumer prices mark biggest deflation in 50 yrs (Reuters)

If You Live In Illinois, Retire Now! (Or Move To Wisconsin) (Zero Hedge) - Illinois has the most under-funded pension plan in the U.S. (40.37% funding ratio)

Chicago’s finances among the worst after 2008 recession: study (Chicago Sun-Times)

Detroit Bond Insurer Sues Over Proposal to Cut Payments (Bloomberg)

Creditor tries to block approval of Detroit's lighting authority funding (Detroit Free Press)
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