Jordan Belfort's Boiler Room vs. Today's Systemic Pump And Dump Scheme

I saw The Wolf of Wall Street, the movie about Jordan Belfort and his penny stock brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont in the perma-boiler room 90s, and saw many similarities between that time period and today (and of course 2006-2008). But this time around the entire mispriced and manipulated system (fueled by the Federal Reserve) is one big delusional Jordan Belfort pump and dump scheme being marketed in the media by HedgeFundFinancialAdvisorBroker 2.0 like an opaque fraudulent synthetic CDO in the TBTF banking system in 2007.

I didn't know the brokerage firm J.T. Marlin from the movie Boiler Room was based on Belfort's firm as well. Watch interviews with Jordan Belfort below (spoiler alert if you haven't seen the movie). He's very good at selling the dream. Also see a chart that shows what psychoactive monetary drugs do to the stock market.

Here is real footage of Belfort's parties in the 1990s (via CNN). The second video was from a CNN documentary a few years ago I think.

Monetary Cocaine (monetary base via the Fed's QE program) + Monetary Ludes (federal funds rate at 0%) = Stock Market Wealth and Prosperity

So will the global financial and monetary system spiral out of control like Jordan Belfort's life in the late 90s?

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