Bank Notes Used During Hyperinflationary Episodes (No Googolplex Notes Yet)

I randomly stumbled upon these bank notes on Wikipedia (Long and short scales).

I want to see a Googolplex (10Googol aka 1010100) bank note during a hyperinflationary episode. According to Wikipedia, "A googolplex can not be written down. This is because there are not enough atoms in the universe to use to write it down on. In fact, it would take a trillion times more atoms to write down a googolplex." Interesting.

"1000 Mark German banknote, over-stamped in red with "Eine Milliarde Mark" (109 mark) in 1923" (Wikipedia)

"1020 Hungarian pengő banknote issued in 1946" (source: Wikipedia)

"5 x 1011 Yugoslav dinar banknotes from 1993" (Source: Wikipedia)

"1014 Zimbabwean dollars banknote from 2009" (source: Wikipedia)
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