Strategists' Views On The US, Japan, Eurozone And Emerging Markets In 2014

Courtesy of the Financial Times (John Authers)

"The S&P 500 in the US rose more than 30% in 2013. Can it repeat that while investors are being weaned off easy money? Japan's markets did even better but while it looks as if Abenomics can deliver inflation, can it really deliver growth?" (source: FT on Youtube)

"The eurozone survived 2013 without suffering another crisis, but there could be fresh problems if there is no economic growth in 2014. John Authers analyses that risk and looks at the potential impact of the Fed's exit from quantitative easing" (source: FT on Youtube)

"Jan 3, 2014 : Emerging markets missed out on the equities rally in 2013, and EM stocks are beginning to look cheap. John Authers analyses whether this value can be realised, as there are risks from weak Chinese growth, falling commodity prices and the Fed's exit from QE." (source:

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