ECB Watch (April 2014 Links and Videos)

  • The ECB betting on "creditless" recovery (4/29, Sober Look)
  • German Inflation Misses Estimates as ECB Pressure Mounts (4/29, Bloomberg)
  • Warning signals flash for ECB ahead of May meeting (4/29, Reuters)
  • ECB fails to fully offset bond buys again as money markets tighten (4/29, Reuters)
  • Draghi Tells German Lawmakers ECB Bond-Purchases Unlikely (4/28, Bloomberg)
  • Draghi Says ECB Still Unlikely to Engage in Quantitative Easing (4/28, WSJ)
  • ECB Chief Draghi Banks on New Whatever It Takes (4/28, WSJ)
  • Shrinking times - ECB excess liquidity falls below €100 billion (4/24, Bruegel)
  • Draghi Prepares Ground for ECB Bond Purchases If Needed (4/24, Bloomberg)
  • ECB QE: real prospect or fantasy game? (4/24, Financial Times)
  • Draghi warns of low interst rate 'implications' (4/14, CNBC)
  • Draghi: ECB Ready to Act if 'Lowflation' Lingers (4/3, IBTimes TV)

  • Introductory statement to the ECB press conference with Q&A (4/3, ECB)

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