Linkfest 8172014

Barry Ritholz Interviewed Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates on Bloomberg Radio (Big Picture)

Robert Shiller: The Mystery of Lofty Stock Market Elevations (New York Times' Upshot)

John Burbank: The Next Crash Is More Likely To Look Like What We Saw In 1987 (Business Insider)

JPMorgan Joins Goldman in Designing Derivatives for a New Generation (Bloomberg)

Brean Capital's Peter Tchir is Cautious on Stocks, Believes Treasury Squeeze Continues on Russia-Ukraine Tensions (Bloomberg Video)

"Soros Put" Rises To Record: Is The Billionaire Investor Betting On Market Crash? (Zero Hedge)

Chinese Power Consumption Crashes: Lowest Growth In 16 Months, Tumbles 10% In Shanghai, As Much As 22% Elsewhere (Zero Hedge)

China Savers Put Record $2.1 Trillion in Wealth Products (Zero Hedge)

Eurozone banks hold record amounts of sovereign paper (Sober Look)

Argentina's blue dollar market hits 60% premium to official rate (Sober Look)

Half Of Federal Student Loan Borrowers Not Paying On Time (Huffington Post, 8/11/2014)


Bull Market Waning as Barclays Sees 1% Gain for S&P 500 (Bloomberg)

Yellen Dashboard Warning Light Glows as Millions Work Part Time (Bloomberg)

Why Draghi’s Cheap Cash Offer to Banks May Lack Appeal (Bloomberg)

China’s First Bond Default in Focus as Debtholders Meet (Bloomberg)

China Home Prices Fall in Majority of Cities on Weak Demand (Bloomberg)

Housing Debt Bulge as Wages Shrink Hurts U.K.: Mortgages (Bloomberg)

London Home Asking Prices Plunge Most in More Than Six Years (Bloomberg)

Misery in Australia Rises to Highest Level Since 2008 in Challenge to RBA (Bloomberg)
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