Linkfest 962014

Spectre of 1929 crash looms over FTSE 100 as traders take on record debts (The Telegraph)

Robert Shiller: The Stock Market Is At A Pre-Crash Level, 'But...' (Business Insider)

Leveraged ETFs, lovers of market waves, lose favor amid the calm (Reuters)

Market Bears Are Going Extinct (Business Insider)

Wall Street Flood of CMBS Threatens to Overwhelm Buyers (Bloomberg)

Private equity deals breaching debt guidelines (FT, 9/7/2014)

Most Wall Street firms see U.S. rate hike in second quarter 2015: Reuters poll (Reuters)

Plosser, Fed's lone dissenter, warns again on risks of waiting to hike rates (Reuters)

WSJ’s Hilsenrath: Jobs Report Leaves Fed in No Hurry To Alter Views on Slack or Rates (WSJ Real Time Economics)

Moody's: Illinois' pension debt versus revenue is worst (MyFoxChicago)

JPMorgan's 16 Reasons Why The Fed Should Hike Rates (And 5 Excuses For Delaying) (Zero Hedge)

Japan's "Money Illusion" Will Fail, Goldman Warns (Zero Hedge)

A Quiet Comeback for Yen Hedged ETFs (ETF Trends)

Japan’s Watchdog Seeks $3,100 Fine for JGB Futures Manipulation (Bloomberg)

The True Story Of The 1980s, When Everyone Was Convinced Japan Would Buy America (Business Insider)

Barclays, BofA, Citigroup Sued for ISDAfix Manipulation (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan Operating Risk Rises With Past Seen as Prologue (Bloomberg, 9/2/2014)

Bond Drought Challenges Draghi’s Asset-Backed Stimulus Plan (Bloomberg)

EU Completes Plan to Broaden Economic Sanctions on Russia (Bloomberg)

Russia 'will react' if EU implements new sanctions: Foreign Ministry (Reuters)

Argentina's Government Is Considering Price Controls (WSJ)

Argentina Says It’s No Venezuela as Price Cap Law Debated (Businessweek)

Iron Ore Drops Below $85 for First Time Since ’09 as China Slows (Bloomberg)

'Clear and present danger': Australia to be hit as Chinese economy starts unravelling (Sydney Morning Herald)

What does a “good” Chinese adjustment look like? (Michael Pettis' China Financial Markets)

One depressing chart about the recovering labor market (Vox)

53 Million Temps: All You Need To Know About The "Jobs Recovery" (Zero Hedge)

ECRI Recession Watch: Weekly Update (Dshort)

The Fear of Wages Is Dead (ECRI, August 29, 2014)

Dot-Com Era Ghosts Not Scaring Abby Joseph Cohen Off Bull (Bloomberg)

HFT’s ‘Circus Market’ and a ‘Dash for Trash’ — Fund Manager Lets Loose (WSJ MarketBeat)

The First 3D Printed House Is Coming, And The Construction Industry Will Never Be The Same (Business Insider)

Ethiopian villages to get tower that ‘pulls water out of thin air’ (Al Arabiya)
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