Angry Protests In Brazil After Judge Releases Wiretap Of Call Between Lula And Dilma

Protests have erupted across Brazil after President Dilma Rousseff appointment her predecessor, Lula da Silva as her chief of staff. The anger has been fueled by the release of a taped conversation claiming the move is meant to protect Lula from prosecution. Protests erupted in Brazil after Lula was appointed as a government minister: Police said…

"Anti-government protests erupted in cities across Brazil Wednesday night. They broke out after recordings of phone taps, between former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and current President Dilma Rousseff, were released by the judge heading an investigation into corruption at Brazil's state's oil company, Petrobas." (Wall Street Journal, 3/17/2016)


"Protests have erupted in Brazil after a recorded phone call between President Dilma Rousseff and her once-popular predecessor was released, suggesting that she appointed him to her cabinet to spare him from arrest for corruption." (AFP, 3/17/2016)

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