Chaotic Protests In France

"Security forces responded with tear gas Thursday as French students protesting proposed labour reforms hurled bottles at riot police in Paris and the western city of Nantes." (France 24)

"Police stations in Paris' 10th and 19th arrondissements were attacked by youths on Friday, angry at the beating of a student by officers during anti-labour reform protests the day before." (AFP)

"Clashes erupted outside police stations in the 10th and 19th districts of Paris as demonstrators protested against police violence on Friday.

The protesters, who were largely high school students, had initially gathered at the Henri-Bergson middle high school to demonstrate against a policeman who had allegedly struck a 15-year-old student the day before during a protest against labour law reforms. They threw solid objects at the police stations while officers filmed from inside with cameras and mobile phones." (Ruptly TV)

"Scuffles broke out after protesters threw bottles at police which retaliated by firing tear gas to disperse the crowds. A few people were slightly injured. This is the third time anti-reform rallies, organized by labor unions, turn violent in Paris since the beginning of March. Thousands of university and high school students attended the rally. They’re dissatisfied with the proposed reforms introduced by Labor Minister Maryam el-Khormi. The much-hated reforms have put almost all aspects of France’s strict labor regulations up for discussion between employers and employees. The protesters demand the government withdraw the draft law, because it prevents employers from employing new workforce."

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