Trump Violence Unnerves Media

Donald Trump got a taste of his own medicine on Saturday. Perched behind his podium at a rally in Ohio, his private jet in the background, the mogul was interrupted mid-sentence by a bearded protester who attempted to rush the stage. Video of the event shows a sweaty-faced Trump whip his head around and grope for…

"The 22-year-old who rushed the stage at a Donald Trump rally in Ohio said he's received death threats since the incident. DiMassimo, who said he was not trying to hurt Trump, was charged with disturbing the peace and inciting a panic. The student and former child actor, who had small roles in the TV shows "Yes, Dear" and "House of Payne", has stirred up trouble before. He was filmed taunting Confederate flag supporters in Georgia last year and he stomped on an American flag at another protest." (Source: Inside Edition, 3/14/2016)

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