Canada To Experiment With Basic Income

"Jenna van Draanen, Basic Income Canada Network all join Thom. What would happen if we simply gave every living person a stipend to live? It might sound like a fantasy - but they're about to give it a try in Canada." (The Big Picture RT, 3/9/2016)

"Ontario, Canada is planning to give residents a regular monthly allowance for living expenses regardless of working status, an idea that is already under consideration in Finland and the Netherlands. The project is based on an old idea called basic income, which has been around since the 1960s. No exact figures have been announced yet, but money from part of the country's budget has already been set aside. We take a look at Canada’s "basic income" experiment on the Lip News with Jo Ankier and Margaret Howell." (TheLipTV, 3/7/2016)

"The Canadian province of Ontario has joined the list of governments that want to experiment with giving everybody free money. According to some experts, this idea could be our only solution in the face of mass unemployment and income inequality due to increasingly powerful computerized labor." (HowStuffWorks, 3/9/2016)

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