New Hampshire Powerball winner wants to remain anonymous

The woman who won half a billion dollars in January filed a complaint in a New Hampshire court to remain anonymous and her attorney argued her case on Tuesday.

The woman who won half a billion dollars in January has yet to collect her winnings.

The reason? She wants to remain anonymous.

She fears if her name is made public, she would get too much attention and be hassled by others.

The woman who signed her name on the back of the winning ticket has yet to hand it over.

On Tuesday, her attorney argued her case in a New Hampshire courtroom.

(Upsound from attorney)

"Ticket and the prize sits in limbo"

Her lawsuit mentions other winners who suffered after winning the lottery.

A Georgia man who was murdered in 2016 after claiming his jackpot.

And a Florida man who was killed by a woman claiming to be his financial adviser.

The attorney for the New Hampshire Lottery Commission says the law requires her to release her name to ensure transparency.

As each day goes by, the lottery winner loses $14,000 in interest.

People in Merrimack, New Hampshire where she won the ticket, are split over the issue.


"It's gonna change her life and it's going it's gonna be a living hell she'll have to change her name and move away"


"If I won that much money it wouldn't matter to me."

The clock is ticking, the woman has less than eleven months to claim her prize


(Source: YouTube, February 14, 2018 at 10:53AM)

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