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North Korea Vows to Destroy US if Threatened in Propaganda Video

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Congress Buys Some Time To Finish A Massive Spending Deal

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WASHINGTON ― Still lacking an agreement on an omnibus spending deal to keep the government open, Congress passed a one-week funding measure on Friday so that Republicans and Democrats could continue negotiations. Lawmakers generally saw the so-called continuing resolution as...

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Bots aren’t spreading fake news on Facebook; humans are

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Facebook published a new paper this week outlining how it’s dealing with government-backed attempts to influence politics in other countries, or what it’s calling “information…

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Common Sense: Economists Fear Trump’s Tax Plan Only Heightens a ‘Mountain of Debt’

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A president who campaigned as a fiscal scold offers a tax overhaul that many experts say would mean trillions in lost revenue, and new borrowing, in the next decade.

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